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Our Kennel Owners

We visit many of our breeders on a monthly basis in order to provide the best puppies possible from the healthiest and most socially adjusted dogs.
If you’re looking for a purebred puppy, you can rest assured that you’ll find one with us.
We have our own network of breeders with whom we collaborate, and we do not buy puppies from “brokers.”

Our promise to you

Peace of mind for you and your puppy

Find the perfect puppy for you and your family.

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Clients Testimonials

Feel secure and safe in your decision!

Excellent customer service and a wide range of pricing options.
Customer support representatives are pleasant to deal with.
Sales Persons are  extremely pleasant and educated.
It was a positive experience.

It was a pleasure getting our first puppy for our new home. The sales associate  was super helpful and made the process of getting our first new puppy a great experience. We are satisfied with everything and i anyone is in town looking for a new puppy this is the place to come.

We are active duty military and were worried about how it would affect us getting a puppy. They were really helpful when it came to choosing a puppy and payment plans. The puppies health is their main concern and they take great pride in the care for them.



Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken and Rice is fed to all of our puppies. Purina Pro Plan Toy Breed Puppy may be used by our Toy puppies. Before you bring your puppy home, please get a bag of this. For at least the first month after bringing your puppy home, we do not advocate changing food. Purina is a fantastic brand of dog food, and we feed it to all of our dogs. DO NOT FEED GRAIN FREE IF YOU CHOOSE TO CHANGE FOODS LATER!
Pro Plan Puppy Food can be ordered from us.

Before they leave, all of the puppies will be given NuVet vitamins. It’s not only a terrific multivitamin, but it’s also an immune booster that helps minimize shedding and enhances their general health! NuVet is fantastic, and I can’t say enough nice things about it.
All puppies must be kept on NuVet for the duration of their health guarantee.
We recommend getting a bottle before you bring your puppy home to give them the greatest start in life.

They’re also available for purchase here. If you want a bottle when you pick up your puppy, let us know.
Here, bottles cost $50.



Congratulations on your decision to get a puppy! Please make sure you read and sign our contract before placing a deposit. PLEASE READ THIS PAGE AS IT WILL ANSWER SEVERAL QUESTIONS YOU HAVE!
​We will not hold any puppy without a contract and deposit. Contracts can be e-filled out by clicking the link below. Then you may either venmo or paypal over the deposit. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDBLE! Should something arrise, your deposits is transferable to another puppy. Deposits are not transferable from person to person.
​*When filling out the contact, if you do not know something, you may put a – in its place.