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Welcome to Pets Pharaoh Puppies, where we take pride in bringing delight to our customers via the natural love and companionship that puppies bring into their homes. Our main goal is to connect puppies and their families together in order to create wonderful memories.

As dog lovers, we all know that humans can “purchase” or “adopt” a new puppy almost anyplace, but Pets Pharaoh Puppies is the only place that encourages and assists individuals in integrating a new furry bundle of joy into their households.

If this is your first time meeting us, you’ll immediately learn what our wide family of satisfied customers already knows. Our unwavering commitment to ensuring that everyone who joins our team 100% embodies and is entirely devoted to educating and walking our customers through the entire happy puppy onboarding process is our secret sauce at Pets Pharaoh Puppies. Every step of the journey, our team will be there to assist you!

From puppy selection to safe delivery of your new family member,Pets Pharaoh Puppies’ unique holistic approach is deliberately intended to engage you in the process. After their new puppy has arrived, our extended family of pleased customers is invited to use us as a resource if they have any questions. We also want you to share all of your wonderful puppy experiences and accomplishments with us!


What We Do

Pets Pharaoh Puppies has been in business long enough to know that, when handled properly, a puppy will bring joy to your life. Humans, on the other hand, frequently overlook the fact that it is not the puppy’s responsibility to make this new bond succeed. We believe that the quality of human engagement begins and concludes the process of successfully onboarding a new furry family member.

Getting a puppy necessitates learning how to offer adequate canine care, which is often overlooked in traditional “pet stores.” Customers of Pets Pharaoh Puppies realize that the extra support and precautions we provide make for a lot more rewarding overall experience and a stronger bond between humans and puppies.

Every day, we test, assess, and fine-tune every aspect of our customer and puppy experience until we achieve our aim of reaching and recreating the exact same end-result every time – to offer joy by bringing puppies and families together to nurture happy memories.

A successful end result for us is achieving 100 percent customer happiness, always exceeding customer expectations, and establishing the ideal connection between a puppy and their owner. We are able to develop Central Park Puppies across the country because to our carefully built methodology, without ever sacrificing the personal touch that our local clients and puppies have learned to love and expect from us for years. Every day, our core purpose is to assist dog enthusiasts like us in finding their ideal puppy and, more importantly, to assist puppies in finding their ideal humans and forever home!

How We Do It

1. Do you think you’re ready for a puppy?

Before you fall in love with a puppy from Pets Pharaoh Puppies, it’s critical to understand the time, money, and effort that will be required to properly onboard, care for, and meet the demands of a new furry family member. Only when you have determined that you are capable of providing a suitable life for a puppy should you consider acquiring or adopting one.

Remember that bringing a puppy home is the start of a ten-year relationship that will most likely bring you and your family unconditional affection as well as endless memories.

2. Is it better to shop or adopt?

Now you must select how you will welcome the newest member of your family into your home. Do you prefer to adopt or shop? This is a major decision that only you and your family have the authority to make. It all comes down to what you and your family are most at ease with. For those who find it suitable, Pets Pharaoh Puppies advocates adoption from shelters. We strongly recommend dog owners to conduct thorough research before adopting from a shelter.
We believe in your right to make your own decisions. Only you and your family can determine whether buying from a breeder or a shelter is the best option for you. If your family has decided on a specific breed, Pets Pharaoh Puppies can supply you with a selection of puppies from reputable breeders, all of which come with a solid health guarantee and great customer service.

Pets Pharaoh Puppies’ core purpose is to bring puppies and families together to create wonderful memories. You get to choose how you want to go about doing it.

3. What is the way of the Pets Pharaoh Puppies?

When you start your puppy journey with us, we’ll walk you through every stage of the onboarding process, which will include:

Door-to-door delivery is provided at no cost to you.
Microchip is available for free.
Vaccination records that are up to date
Nose-To-Tail Health Check.
1 year of health insurance

4. The Advantages

In addition to the pure and natural delight you’ll have, having and caring for a puppy can have a number of other good consequences on your life if done appropriately. Puppies have been shown in studies to reduce stress and blood pressure, boost sociability in people of all ages, increase allergy tolerance, motivate exercise, improve the immune system, and, most importantly, provide an abundance of unconditional love. The bottom line is that, following the initial stages of acclimating and training your puppy, you may quickly realize that it was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.